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List of Bunding Projects in NT

Mining - Infrastructure (Bunding) New project at Gove Peninsula, North West Arnhem Land via, Nhulunbuy, NT 0880. This type is Infrastructure with Private ownership. Refinery expansion will increase production from a current 2 Mt/y to 3.8Mt/y in 2007. All new process areas will be concrete bunded with sumps installed. Stormwater drainage and utilities will be extended to all new areas and facilities. The existing sewerage treatment facility will be upgraded by the addition of seperate reticulation and package sewerage plants. Proposed expansion includes stockpiling and handling. Bauxite will not be exported from Gove anymore but will be directed to the refinery. Stockpile sizes will remain the same, but stacker and feed conveyor systems will be upgraded or replaced and the refinery reclaimer will also be replaced. Three new grinding mills will be installed to replace the old rod and ball mills. One new mill slurry tank and pump transfer system together with one train of indirect mill slurry equipment will be installed. The heated feed will now be processed in a new high temperature double digestion process. A third low temperature digestion plant will be installed, as well as deep-cone thickners and high pressure pumps. The mud and liquor residue will be seperated in pressure decanters and processed through a train of new high rate washers and a single train of five deep cone thickners. The existing washers and thickners will be used for storage of residue liquids. Some will be demolished. Six new vertical pressure filters will be installed in a new security filtation area to process most of the turbid liquor flow from the thickners. Agglomeration precipitators and growth precipitators will be added to increase capacity as well as two interstage cooling facilities will be installed on each growth precipitator train. Flash vessels and a barometric condenser will be installed using cooling water from new cooling towers. A new hydrocyclone classification system with three classification stages allowing three different sized hydrate streams to be produced will be installed. A new filtration area and equipment will be installed to conduct filtration of various hydrate streams. Equipment will include six drum filters, vacum pumps and air blowers. Three new stationary calciners will be installed in conjunction with new hydrate conveyors and upgraded aluminia transfer systems. A new evaporation plant will be installed as well as cooling towers for vapour removal in the last three flash stages. Lime plant capacity will be increased from 140 t/h to 200 t/h by installing a new burner system and modifying the kiln's internal geometry. A new burnt lime storage silo will be installed. The existing power station will be converted from fuel oil to gas that will involve a new boiler and associated turbine units. The neutralisation plant will include a mixing tank and two thickners in a bunded area. New liquor purification plant will be constructed involving two seperate plants for the mixing and drying stage. Click for more details...

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