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List of Concrete Batching Plants Projects in Queensland

Mobile Concrete Batch Plant New project In The Gladstone Regional Council Area. For the provision of mobilisation, installation, commissioning, operation & decommissioning of a mobile concrete batch plant to facilitate supply & delivery by the supplier of concrete & stabilised sand products for the project. QCLNG Charlie FCS Site: Mobile batch plant with minimum production capacity of 60m3/hour to supply concrete & stabilised sand products. Project sites, inclusive of the following: a. 1 off mobile concrete batch plant inclusive of full time batch plant operator. b. Supply of crib & ablution facilities. c. Mobile silo/s to suit project demand. d. Concrete agitator trucks inclusive of operators to suit project demand. e. 1 off front end loader. f. Provisional allowance for 1 off chiller should this be required to meet specifications. g. Mobile power generation to power plant. h. 1 off light vehicle. i. Supply & delivery of raw materials such as fly-ash, sand & aggregates to suit project demand. j. Water delivery & storage facilities to suit project demand. k. Aggregate bins & shade structure. l. Supply of fuel as required to run the plant. m. Information, communication & technology infrastructure & equipment required to effect normal business operations. Click for more details...

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