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List of Labs, Testing facilities, Hazardous materials, Storage Projects in VIC

Mining - Support Facilities (Labs, Testing facilities, Hazardous materials, Storage) project for New development. For the upgrade to the existing Patricia-Baleen Gas Plant. The works include: installation of a condensate separation and stabilisation system, installation of condensate storage tanks and truck load-out facility, installation of hydrocarbon dew point control facilities for the gas, reconfiguration of the existing compressors to increase compression capacity, upgrade to the sales gas dehydration system to accommodate higher gas rates and minimise glycol carryover, installation of monoethylene glycol (MEG) storage and injection facilities to prevent hydrate formation in the offshore pipeline and selected plant process locations, and associated MEG regeneration facilities. Installation of a corrosion inhibitor injection system for the offshore pipeline, installation of a hot oil heater and hot oil circulation system to provide process heat to the processing facilities, installation of a n"off-gas" compressor to recycle gas vented from the condensate stabilisation system to eliminate operations flaring. Installation of new flare systems and removal of existing flare system, modifications to the drainage system, including a new API Separator and extension of the storm water system. Installation of a water vaporiser to dispose of excess produced water that cannot be reused or naturally evaporates. Modifications to various plant utilities, namely, the fuel gas system, odourisation system, compressed air system and plant process control system. Upgrade of the fire and gas protection facilities including installation of fixed firewater pumps and foam systems. Exte4nsion of office facilities and installation of a laboratory, and the construction of a new workshop/warehouse facility. Click for more details...

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