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List of Pump stations, Above ground reservoirs Projects in QLD

Private ownership Mining - Civil Services (Pump stations, Above ground reservoirs) project In The Western Downs Regional Council Area for New development. Includes pumps, extinguishers. Click for more details...

Currently at the Construction stage In Gladstone Regional is a project estimated to be $ 8000000000. This project QCLNG is a project to develop coal seam gas wells in the Surat & Bowen Basins, pipe gas to a processing plant to be built on Curtis Island & then export product LNG by ship. The LNG plant to have an ultimate capacity of up to 12 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) from 3 LNG trains, each of 3 to 4 Mtpa production capacity. These involve feed gas metering & filtration to remove entrained pipeline debris; gas processing to remove carbon dioxide & other components contained in the gas; gas chilling & drying in a 3-bed molecular sieve system to remove the final traces of water;dry gas processing through activated carbon bed system for mercury removal & gas refrigeration for liquefaction to LNG . The refrigeration systems to be powered by gas turbines equipped with dry low NOx emission systems; heat removal (as part of the liquefaction process) using fin coolers. Onshore LNG storage in tanks including 2 LNG storage tanks up to 200,000cu m for the first 2 trains & a tank of similar size for the third train; 1 butane storage tank up to 100,000cu m (including vapour recovery system) for imported butane required for spiking LNG product to meet a required high heating value (HHV) along with ancillary equipment & infrastructure including flares. Storage of refrigerant as well diesel fuel, lube oil etc. Associated infrastructure to include fuel gas systems; effluent treatment & outfall for treated wastewater, power generation/distribution; fire protection systems; water systems including seawater desalination plant for process & potable water supply. Additional buildings to include compressor control building, analyser shelter, maintenance buildings, offices and staff amenities building. A temporary pioneer construction camp to accommodate 100-300 people expected to be built within the LNG facility area before early site preparation activities for the first LNG train. This camp will be replaced by a larger construction camp on Curtis Island and/or on the mainland during the LNG Facility construction to house a workforce of 3000 approx people. The construction camp expected to include necessary amenities such as a dining hall & kitchen, a primary health care facility & recreation centre. Other services & camp infrastructure to include a water treatment plant & storage, sewerage treatment plant, temporary power supply, fuel storage facility & fire-fighting equipment, some of which will remain as permanent facilities for the operations phase. Click for more details...

via Peak Downs Hwy 16km southwest of, Coppabella, QLD 4741 Has Millennium Coal Operations Expansion currently at Construction stage. A project to expand the 2million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) operations to 5.5Mtpa Run-of-Mine (ROM) coal for 3.6Mtpa product coal for up to 16 years. Development of the new Mavis Pit by contract mining comprising conventional open-cut truck & excavator terrace mining. Possibility of minor upgrade & a new ROM stockpile at the existing coal handling & preparation plant (CHPP). Temporary waste rock emplacements prior to likely ultimate disposal in the Millennium Pit void. Construction of haul roads across New Chum Creek & possible alteration of the Millennium/Poitrel access road. Establishment of a 2km long drainage system along the northern boundary of the new pit as well as 15 new sediment dams. The expansion project to involve 160 employees & contractors in addition to the existing 220 person workforce. Click for more details...

Mining - Civil Services (Pump stations, Above ground reservoirs) New project at Between Saraji & Norwich Park mines via, Dysart, QLD 4745. This type is Pipeline with Private ownership. Construction of a 34km long high density polyethylene (HDPE) water pipeline including road & creek crossings. Associated pump station & electrical infrastructure. Click for more details...

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