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List of Reservoirs Projects in SA

Public Utilities (Reservoirs) project at Various SA Water Corporation sites within, South Australia, SA 5999 for New. Consultants to provide engineering & cadastral surveying services if & when required. Click for more details...

New project of Public Utilities (Reservoirs) project at Various sites through Regional & Outer Metropolitan, South Australia, SA 5999. Panel of architects for providsion of Regional Accommodation design, refurbishment & surveying services. Click for more details...

Public Utilities (Reservoirs) project for New development. Construction of Water Proofing the West Stage 1. To include civil, mechanical & electrical works, landscaping. Click for more details...

Public Utilities (Reservoirs) project In The Barossa Council Area of Local Govt ownership. The Principal has identified the need for additional Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) infrastructure within the Williamstown township to strengthen the security & reliability of the broader CWMS network & to cater for future town growth. This infrastructure will provide additional capacity in the CWMS infrastructure to cater for high inflow periods during storm events & provide an alternate pressure main route for the Victoria Tce & little Adams pumping stations to utilise in the event of a service interruption on the common pressure main section. The existing pumping station of Yettie Rd will deliver wastewater via the new pipeline to the existing inlet lagoons at the Williamstown CWMS treatment lagoons. The project includes: 1) construction of a new 2.9 km pressure main from the CWMS pumping station on Yettie Rd to the inlet lagoon at the Williamstown CWMS treatment lagoons; 2) connection of the new pressure main to the existing CWMS pumping station on Yettie Rd; 3) installation of a new flowmeter at the Yettie Rd pumping station; 4) interconnection of the new pressure main with the existing pressure main via a valved arrangement at the intersection of Adams Rd & Winters Rd allowing flows from the existing pressure main to be diverted into the new pressure main under emergency operation if required. The outcome of this project will mitigate the major risks associated with system reliability & environmental compliance. Scope of Works: Includes the supply of all materials, equipment, construction plant, labour, supervision, services, tools, testing devices, & each & every item of expense necessary for the supply, fabrication, delivery, handling, hauling, unloading & receiving, survey, setting out, installation & testing for the tender. The Tenderer shall carry out shop design & drafting as necessary to enable manufacture, supply (unless specifically excluded), construction, installation, testing & commissioning of the structures, equipment, valves, pipework, ancillaries, & associated electrical works. The tenderer shall determine the location of all services when trenching & grade installed pipework as required to avoid existing services. The Tenderer shall produce drawings showing the exact location of all services found during such excavations. Preliminaries: This work includes, but is not limited to: 1) mobilisation, demobilisation & general preparation on site; 2) establishment of site accommodation for expected Tenderer requirements & connection/provision of services as required (water, sewerage, power etc); 3) provision of project documentation, including the relevant safety, quality assurance & environmental management plans required prior to commencement of the works & a complete set of quality assurance records at the completion of the Works; 4) preparation, recording & certification of all As Constructed drawings provided to the Principal; 5) supply of construction documentation (eg: ITPs & other QA documentation); 6) all traffic management, approvals & traffic control required for the Works including the planning & consultation with all relevant stakeholders (eg: DPTI, SA Power Networks, Council, SA Water etc.); 7) site clean up including removal of all construction waste materials, all site services, all storage areas/compounds & reinstatement of surface finish where required. Pressure Main: This work includes, but is not limited to: A) survey, set-out & peg the proposed pipe alignment; B) location & protection of all existing services prior to commencement of Works along the pipeline route; C) excavate & shore all trenches as required to enable installation of all buried pipework; D) arrange & complete all directional boring required to enable installation of all pipework installed using trenchless techniques in the locations indicated & at locations where directional boring Click for more details...

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