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List of Tunnels, Subways Projects in SA

Civil Engineering (Tunnels, Subways) Addition project at Woodville Rd, Woodville South, SA 5011. This type is Enabling Works/Services Relocation/Demolition For Hospital - Redevelopment with State ownership. Work includes diversion of stormwater, sewer, domestic & fire water, steam & condensate, natural gas, high & low voltage electrical & communications inground services in staged program. Nurses Education annex of CDRC building will be demolished with services decommissioned & made safe. Services including air conditioning, refrigeration systems, domestic hot, cold & fire water, electrical & communications between Nurses Education & CDRC buildings will be diverted. New air conditioning & domestic hot water systems will be installed in CDRC building. Structural strengthening of services tunnel from boiler house under roadway to Maternity building & structural works to CDRC demolition facade are also required. Click for more details...

The O Bahn Extension City Access Project is currently at the Construction stage, valued at about $ 160000000 it is REVISED CONCEPT : The State Government has released its revised plans for the O'Bahn City Access Project taking into account the extensive consultation with the community & stakeholders, such as the Adelaide City Council. Changes to the plan include: retaining the existing alignment of Rundle Road; reducing the impact on Rymill Park; extending the tunnel portal 140 metres west, closer to Grenfell Street; reducing the length at which buses travel at street level to 40 metres; removing the barrier between the bus tunnels to reduce the tunnel footprint; & creating an extra 50 car parks on east Terrace and Rundle Road. Under the revised plan the tunnel has been lengthened from about 510 metres to 650 metres, shifting the tunnel portal closer to Grenfell Street & reducing the visual impact. Construction of share use pedestrian-cyclist bridge over the River Torrens. Click for more details...

Civil Engineering (Tunnels, Subways) project at 35 Crozier Tce (Seaford Rail Corridor), Marion, SA 5043 of Pedestrian Underpass type of New development. Construction of underpass, two pedestrian access ramps & associated works including CCTV, lighting to replace existing pedestrian overpass. Click for more details...

Roadworks - Bituminous Surfacing New project In The Various Council Area. The Principal invites tenders for the provision of minor asphalt maintenance works on various roads across South Australia. Work will consist of the planing of defected, marked on road pavement of varying size patches & reinstating with asphalt (AC10) of varying depths. In some areas with high levels of heavy vehicle movement, AC10 modified asphalt shall be placed as directed by the Superintendent. The tender shall consist of both Defined & Provisional Works. Upon completion of work at each location, the Tenderer shall : a) sweep the area to remove any loose debris, & b) consult with the Superintendents Representative regarding aftercare signage requirements. Supply of Materials: All materials shall be supplied by the Tenderer. Click for more details...

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